Beyond 4

Multi-Channel Marketing

The Challenge

Beyond 4, LLC needed a fast, modern, and cloud ready scalable solution that is capable of sending millions of messages per hour with ease.


Restaurants and other multi-location businesses / franchises are sometimes limited with their options for communicating with their customers. Beyond 4 re-imagined how this might work to make a simple and integrated communication service for multi-location businesses.

Beyond4 was architected by the company founder and offers businesses the solution to communicate with their customers through multi-channel campaigns. The reporting features make it easy to monitor the performance of the various channels used in each campaign.

Technically speaking we started from the ground up and designed the system to handle large and small clients with a cloud-first strategy and ability to scale using various techniques from a slick event-based internal system on Redis to a multi-tenant database approach to secure client data and be able to send upwards of a million messages per campaign per hour if needed. The front end is built as a Vue SPA fully integrated into an ASP.NET Core Service Stack enabled backend.

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